Clipper – CFP 14W Plate Compactor Honda

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The accurate compaction of the Norton Clipper machines guarantees asphalt resistance to the most extreme conditions avoiding deformations and cracks.

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Product Details

  • Foldable handles to minimise the space required in vehicles for transport and easy storage.
  • Wide sprinkler bar to ensure water covers the full width of the plate preventing tarmac from sticking.
  • Shaped base plate provides improved manoeuvrability and reduces marking of the service when turning machine.
  • Robust metal guards all around


  • Honda GX160
  • Petrol 4 stroke
  • 3.60 kW
  • 560mm x 500mm
  • Weight 92KG
  • Centrifugal Force 16kN
  • Noise Level 108dB

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