Altrad Belle – Platinum Universal Xtra (PUX) 300×20 – Diamond Blade

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The ALTRAD Belle specialist range of Diamond Blades has a 10mm or 12mm high segment with high diamond concentration. The PUX range is the ultimate multi purpose diamond blade.

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Product Details

Platinum Universal Xtra (PUX)
A special fast cutting universal design for all Concrete (including Green Concrete), Asphalt (including Asphalt over Concrete) Masonry Materials (such as Concrete Paving Slabs & Brick) including drop segments for undercut protection.

Part Number Size
Segment Height
PUX30020 300 x 20 6360 10
PUX35025 350 x 25 5450 10
PUX45025 450 x 25 3395 12