Altrad Belle – PCEL 320 Honda Engine – Plate Compactor

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Altrad Belle’s Lightweight, Single Direction Vibration Plate compactor is specially designed for confined areas of granular soil in narrow trenches, interlocking blocks, footpath construction and maintenance, trenches and pipelines, sportsgrounds, landscaping and groundwork engineering.


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Product Details


  • Ultra compact design
  • Removable operating handle for easy storage, handle folds very low as diagram shows
  • Front and rear lift handles
  • 8mm thick plate
Ref Model EnginePower(hp/kW) Plate SizeWxL(mm) StaticPressure(kg/m2) CentrifugalForce(kN) TravelSpeed(m/min) Vibration(m/sec2) Weight(kg)
ELX3201 Orange PCEL 320 petrolHonda GX100 3.0 / 2.2 320 x 364 425 11 23 4.28 49


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