Stihl – FS 460 C-EM K – Petrol Clearing Saw

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FS 460 C-EM K (Stihl 2-MIX) 3.0hp petrol clearing saw.

This machine is supplied with a clearing saw blade, and is only suitable for use with these.

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Product Details

STIHL's most advanced clearing saw ever, featuring the 'M-Tronic' fully electronic engine management system which adjusts ignition timing and fuel metering in all operating modes. With ErgoStart and simplified starting, the low emission 2-MIX engine and a 4 point anti-vibration system, this top of the range clearing saw is the ideal choice for anyone with large areas of tough overgrown grass to maintain. The FS 460 C-EM K is the short shaft version, with an optimised 25° gear system and chisel tooth blade for use as a saw in forestry applications.

Performance kW 2.2
Performance PS 3
Capacity cm3 45.6
Weight kg 1) 8.4
Total length cm 2) 168
Tank volume l 0.75
Displacement cm³ 45.6
Power output kW/bhp 2.2/3.0
Weight kg 3) 8.4
Standard cutting tool Circular saw blade 200-22

1) Without fuel, cutting tool and without protection 2) Without cutting tool 3) without cutting tool and deflector 

The engine requires a mix of petrol and engine oil.  Simply mix a Stihl 50:1 two-stroke engine oil with unleaded (95 octane) petrol. The simplest method is using a standard 5 litre fuel canister and to add 0.1 litres (100 ml) of Stihl HP 2 stroke oil, close and thoroughly shake the canister and the mix is ready to use.

For this machine we recommend either Stihl HP or Stihl HP Ultra engine oil.

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