Scheppach – DS930 Dry + Tri Wall Sander 230V

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The new Scheppach ds930 drywall / tri-angle sander is the perfect tool for sanding walls and ceilings. The tilting sanding heads make every project much easier whether on walls or ceilings. When equipped with the standard tri-angle sanding head even those seemingly awkward and inaccessible corners and edges become easy to sand to perfection. Equipped with a telescopic handle the ds930 is easy to transport and store when not in use.

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Product Details

  • Supplied with round sanding and triangular sanding heads
  • Variable speed control for optimum sanding on various surfaces
  • The round Ø 215 mm sanding surface and 282 x 282 x 282 mm delta pad covers large areas in one pass
  • The sanding discs are easily attached with the velcro fastening system
  • Powerful 710 Watt motor
  • Thanks to the telescopic function, corners which are difficult to access can also be easily processed
  • Ergonomic design with many different handling possibilities for fatigue-proof working
  • Sanding of ceilings and removing wallpaper residues, paint, loose plaster, etc.
  • Extensive accessories included: LED-light, 4 m hose with 2 connection adapters, bag, 12 pcs round sanding papers and 12 pcs delta sanding papers


  • Dimensions L x W x H: L x B x H 1400 – 1650 x 270 x 300 mm
  • Round sanding paper Ø: 215 mm
  • Delta sanding paper: 282 x 282 x 282 mm
  • Round disc speed: 1200 – 2500 rpm
  • Delta disc speed: 3500 – 7500 rpm
  • Dust collection Ø: inner / outer 45 mm / 50 mm
  • Motor: 230 – 240 V~
  • Input: 710 W

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