Scheppach – Air Force 5 Mobile Compressor 230v

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Compressed air to go – this is what scheppach’s air force 5 offers. The compact case compressor can be connected to a 230 v socket Or to a car’s 12 v socket. A digital pressure gauge displays the actual Pressure of the inflated object and the desired pressure ranging from 0.1 to 8 bar can be set in advance. As soon as the set pressure is Reached, the compressor switches off automatically. The entire range Of accessories can be comfortably stored on the sides of the device And in the front compartment.

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Product Details

  • Compact mobile compressor – ideal for the car
  • Can be operated with 12 V and 230 V~
  • The tool of choice to inflate tires in case of a car breakdown
  • Pressure can be digitally measured and set in advance
  • Including 600 mm compressed air hose and 4 nozzles for car/bike valves, swimming aids, balls, etc.
  • Cable and accessories can be safely stored directly on the device


  • Dimensions L x W x H 270 x 200 x 115 mm
  • Max. working pressure 8 bar
  • Intake capacity 36.5 L/min
  • AC cable length 1.8 m
  • DC cable length 4 m
  • Hose length 0.6 m
  • Power supply 230 V~/ 12 V car

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