Lumag – SSA40G Firewood Processor Petrol


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The Lumag SSA400g Petrol Engine Firewood Processor enables a single person to saw and split firewood in a smooth and efficient manner. The wood is sliced by the chainsaw to your desired length and then dropped down into the splitting chamber where it is split. This solidly built machine is on a trailer chassis and can be easily moved around site (not road legal) the conveyor and roller table can be folded up for easy storage.

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Product Details

Motor / drive Petrol engine 420cm³, 9.2kW
Hydraulic motor chainsaw Max. 3,000 rpm
Hydraulic motor conveyor belt Max. 284 rpm at 110 bar, 285 Nm
chainsaw hydraulic
Sword (STIHL) 50 cm
Chain (STIHL) K2L-BL-072, 325.058 “/ 1.5mm
Gap length max. 20 to 55 cm
Gap diameter max. 10 to 38 cm
Working speed 13.75 cm / sec.
Reverse speed 18.33 cm / sec.
Splitting power 10 t
Conveyor belt (LxWxH) 3200 x 150 x 2800 mm
Conveyor speed 0.8 m / sec.
own weight 415 kg
Packaging dimensions saw splitter (LxWxH) 1800 x 720 x 1100 mm
Packaging dimensions conveyor belt (LxWxH) 1870 x 360 x 560 mm

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