Lumag – IG2000 2kW Inverter Generator

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The he IG-2000 is characterized by its inverter technology. With the air-cooled 1-cylinder 4-stroke OHV engine it is the ideal device for gardening and camping. Sensitive devices such as televisions or computers can be connected without any problems.

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Product Details

  • Inverter technology for constant voltage and frequency
  • Compact design with a sturdy handle for easy transport
  • Nominal output of 1.8 kW for connecting many common devices
  • The tank has a capacity of 4.5 liters, so that under full load an operating time of approx. 8 .0 hours is reached.
  • To protect the engine and generator, the power generator is equipped with an oil level indicator and overload protection.
Continuous output (230V) 1.8 kW (1.7 kVA)
Max. Power (230V) 2.0 kW (1.8 kVA)
DC output 12 V / 8.3 A charging current
nominal voltage 2 x 230V (Schuko socket)
Rated current 7 A (230V)
frequency 50 Hz
Protection class IP 23M
USB port 5VDC with 2.1 A and 1.0 A.
drive 4-stroke, OHV, 1-cylinder 148F
Displacement / max. Power 78 cc / 2.3 kW
spark plug BPR7HS
Tank capacity 4.5 l gasoline
Engine oil 0.35 l SAE 10W-30
Power factor cos 1
Consumption at full load 0.56 l / h
Sound power level LWA 94 dB (A) k = 4 dB (A)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 500 x 280 x 440 mm
VP (LxWxH) 530 x 300 x 480 mm
Weight 21/23 kg

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