Lumag – HGS580 Petrol High Mower


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This powerful Lumag HGS580 rough terrain mower (circular mower, pot mower) is equipped with a Loncin 196cc 4-stroke petrol engine and is suitable for mowing many (including rough) terrains, (tall) grass, weeds and other types of grass. Also suitable for mowing on hard-to-reach plots, verges along roads, ditch edges, ungrazed grasslands, and between trees and plants.

The compact construction, rear-wheel drive and low weight make the mower very manoeuvrable. The machine is equipped with a side discharge. The side discharge ensures that the grass is in a tight path next to the mower. This is especially suitable if the grass is to be used as fodder for horses, for example.

The mower is equipped with 4 movable blades with bearings (also called flying blades). If the blades hit a post or stone, for example, they strike back into the drum and you hardly damage the blades or the material hit. The handle can be adjusted to the desired height with one lever. The drive mechanism of the wheels and the engagement of the mowing blade can be carried out separately or simultaneously.

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Product Details

Engine 1-cylinder, 4-stroke OHV engine
Displacement 196 cc
Power 4.8 kW (6.5 PS)
Operating Speed 3,600 rpm
Starting Device Reversing starter
Drive Gear transmission
Brake Automatic safety brake
Steering Steering brake
Height of Side Walls 230mm
Landing Max. 300 kg
Tilting Device mechanically
Working Speed Forwards / Backwards, Max. 3.6 / 1.2 km / h
Dimensions 1595 x 700 x 940 mm

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