Lumag – BSF15 Stump Grinder Petrol


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The Lumag BSF15 Stump grinder is a lightweight, handy device specifically designed to grind small tree stumps and roots from 600 mm above ground level to 235 mm below ground level.

The stump grinder is powered by a 15hp pull start, single cylinder petrol engine, this rotates the heavy duty 300mm diameter stump grinding wheel at 3600 revs per minute, making light work of any stump and tree roots with is 9 carbide tipped teeth, With the thick carbide elements on the stump grinding ?teeth they can be re sharpened many times making the machine very cost effective to run. The stump grinders engine transmits it power to the stump grinding wheel via a heavy-duty centrifugal clutch and two thick drive belts.

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Product Details

The stump grinder strong steel frame has a wheelbase of only 80cm making access into most locations very easy, the transport of the stump grinder is further aided by the large pneumatic tyres making traversing rough ground very easy. When you reach the work area with the stump grinder you apply the hand brake this locks the drum brake on the left wheel, this allow for the well balance stump grinding machine to be arched from left to right across the stump milling it a way. The stump grinders handle has a wide range of adjustment allowing it to be adjusted to the most comfortable position for the operator depending on whether the stump being ground is above or bellow ground level. The stump grinders adjustable handle also allows them to be folded over for storage.

To prevent debris being from being thrown out from under the stump grinder the machine has been fitted with rubber deflectors further safety features on the stump grinder consist of a ?dead man?s handle? safety lever cutting out the engine when the handle is release. The stump grinders drive belts and grinding wheel are also protected by guards.

The stump grinder weights only 110KG making it easy to handle and manoeuvre.

The Lumag BSF15 is the best value stump grinder on the market offering quality, excellent price and full spare back up.

The Lumag stump grinder is protected by a year business warranty and 2-year domestic warranty.

Motor / drive 1-cylinder, 4-stroke OHV petrol engine
Engine power 9.0 kW
Displacement 420 cc
Fuel content 6.5 l
Oil tank volume 1.1 l
Starting system Manual start
Milling disc Ø 300 mm
Milling under the ground 235 mm <BR> above the floor: 600 mm
Milling over the ground 600 mm
Number of teeth 9
Weight (net / gross) 110/115 kg
Packing dimensions (L / W / H) 1060 x 800 x 580 mm

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