Hymer – Red Line Telescopic Combination Ladder 4×6

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The perfect combination of size and versatility, the 4042 is compact in size for easy storage and transport and yet offers working heights up to 7.2 metres. It can be used as a free-standing ‘A frame’ ladder, leaning ladder, and can even be used on stairs. The deployable outriggers helps secure the user while working at height

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Product Details

  • Versatile for use as leaning or step ladder
  • Ladder extendable in 250mm increments
  • Solid rung locks with steel core for height adjustment
  • Easy to use steel hinge with locking clamps
  • Can be used in stairway mode in step ladder position
  • Small storage space required
  • Load rating 150kg
Manufacturer part number Number of rungs Length (retracted) (m) Height (step ladder) (m) Length (extended) (m) Base width (m) Weight (kg)
414216 4x4 1.2 1.15-1.95 4.02 0.6 13.2
414220 4x5 1.5 1.4-2.49 5.14 0.7 16.2
414224 4x6 1.8 1.7-3.03 6.26 0.75 19

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