Horizont – Energiser Hotshock A300

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For fences up to 30km with no load and 8km with heavy load

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Product Details

  • Special fencers with high output energies at extremely low resistance
  • Narrow impulse form allows energy to develop its power aggressively into fence system. This allows energy transport also at difficult conditions i.e. with heavy load at exclusion of wild predators or power loss at sheep netting where bottom horizontal line nearly always is lying on vegetation growth
  • Mains operated energizer, 4.2J Input, 3.0J max. Output
  • Due to high voltages specially long haired and unsensitive animals can be guarded securely


Stored energy 4 Joule
Voltage 12 Volt
Possible netting connection 14 x 50 m
Max. Output 3 Joule
Max. voltage 11.000 Volt
Max. voltage (low power terminal) 10.000 Volt
Max. voltage 500 Ohm 5.800 Volt
Max. fence length (CEE) 80 km
Max. fence length with no load 30 km
Max. fence length with heavy load 8 km


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