GYS – GYSMI 200E FV Inverter Welder

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The GYSMI E200FV is an advanced inverter welding unit which can operate on both 110V and 230V power supply networks. It can weld steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rutile and basic electrodes up to Ø5mm.

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Product Details


With its high duty cycle and revolutionary arc dynamics, it will weld any kind of electrodes (Ø1.6 to 5 mm): steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rutile or basic. This product delivers a stable arc due to its advanced microprocessor controlled technology.

  • Anti-Sticking
  • Adjustable Hot Start : Makes it easier to arc with any type of metal (Low Hot Start: for thin metal sheets; High Hot Start: for metals that are difficult to weld such as dirty or oxidized metal sheets)
  • Arc force : For better penetration and minimal sticking

TIG Lift

Can be used for TIG welding (TIG lift start) when fitted with a TIG torch with valve (option)

  • TIG Lift: The arc is created by touching the metal with the tungsten electrode - avoiding tungsten inclusions and radio electrical disturbances.
  • Automatic arc release: This innovative function allows the operator to finish the welding without creating craters. The time is


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