Fairport – Ultravibe+ 110v Hand Held Drive Unit

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Hand held mechanical poker drive unit.Available with a selection of poker head sizes and shaft lengths.

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Product Details

The operator can walk around carrying, either by hand or on a shoulder strap, the power unit so the work area is only limited by the electric cable.

Couple this item, with the selection of sparate AVMU flexible shafts and heads.

This type of poker is becoming more popular as even though they are lightweight they are robustly constructed and provide good, reliable vibration. The power is less than traditional flexible shaft pokers but the weight and portability makes it easier to increase the number of insertions to make up for the smaller diameter of influence.

The AVMU power unit has a male coupling and flexible shafts with female couplings.

  • Small / lightweight concrete vibrating pokers
  • Robust construction for site durability
  • Improved double casing design offers greater protection to the motor
  • Excellent vibration output increases productivity up to 35m3/hr
  • Interchangeable Shafts and Poker Heads to suit your application
  • Foam and grating filter at air intake
  • Excellent for hire fleets
  • High quality flexible drive reduces damage from abuse
Reference Supply Coupling Power Speed Length Width Height Noise Weight
kW RPM mm mm mm dB Kg
93163 115v AVMU 2.3 18000 354 205 150 <75 4.8

Flexible shaft driven, pendulum pokers

These can be driven from petrol, diesel or electric power units. The motor or engine provides rotary motion which is transmitted to poker head via a flexible drive shaft.  The head contains a pendulum that spins so the free end of the pendulum oscillates at between 4 to 6 times the speed of rotation. Therefore an engine speed of 2800 depending on the head type and size will produce a vibration frequency between 11000 and 17000 vibrations per minute (183 – 283 hz)

The power units are left on the ground near the operator, the flexible shaft length determines the area that can be worked before the power unit has to be repositioned.  This type of poker is popular because they are powerful and reliable. Maintenance is relatively easy and heads of various sizes can be selected for use on the same dive unit.

Choosing Pokers for Vibrating Concrete

Choosing the right poker for your application will be dependent on a number of factors:

Power available on site.

If an electric supply isn’t available then those options are ruled out.  Petrol or diesel flexible shaft pokers are often the default choice for independent option and high productivity.  Back pack pokers can be perfect where relatively low volumes of concrete are spread about.

Size of poker head.

A bigger head means more concrete will be vibrated for every dip.  So the bigger the better until the operator is slowed down with the additional weight he has to handle.  With poker vibration operator fatigue can lead to short cut being taken. So a smaller head may actually lead to high quality productivity.

The size of aggregate and slump of concrete can determine a minimum size. For example a 25mm will be of little use in low slump concrete with 60mm aggregate.  The balance of head size taking in to account weight and power may also tip the poker type, a pneumatic poker of 75mm is easier to handle than a 60mm flexible shaft poker.

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