Fairport – Super Screeder Beam 6.2 m

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6.2 m Super Screeder Beam for use with Super Screeder Drive Unit.

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Product Details

The Double Beam Screed has a engine and vibrator unit mounted centrally on two parallel beams. The ends of the beams rest on the formwork or screed rails. Double beam screeders are pulled via handles at each end or by a centre mounted handle. High vibration force is suitable for low slump (stiff) concrete and will penetrate deeper than a single beam screed. Dual beam screed machines have been popular for many years as they provide good compaction, they are easy to operate and they are well built for excellent reliability. The SUPER SCREEDER Dual Beam screed is usually clamped on to specially designed and tensioned aluminium beams 3.2, 4.2, 4.7, 5.2, 6.2 or 7.2 m long. Many contractors also appreciate the versatility provided by the Super Screeder because it will also clamp on to scaffold board sized timber. Please note that 6.2 and 7.2 m long beams available by request only.
Reference Type Engine Length Width Height Power Frequency Centrifugal force Noise Weight
mm mm mm hp VPM Kg dbA Kg
92240 Drive Unit Honda GX 160 590 400 550 5.5 3000 417 104 65
Reference Type Length To suit bay width Width Height Weight
m m mm mm Kg
92269 Beam Assembly 3.2 3 47 150 52
92270 Beam Assembly 4.2 4 47 150 62
92271 Beam Assembly 4.7 4.5 47 150 67
92272 Beam Assembly 5.2 5 47 150 72
Please see the downloads section for our guide on how to use beam screeders and operators manual.

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