Fairport – HF115-35 Hi Frequency Poker

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35mm diameter poker head with 5m shaft, converter and 10m of cable to the plug.

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Product Details

Running from a 110v supply the converter / switch box transforms the voltage to an even safer 42v and converts the normal 50HZ to 200HZ. The perfect frequency to power the motor in the High Frequency Poker Head . The High Frequency Poker vibrates the surrounding concrete to remove entrained air so the concrete sets at full strength with minimal voids. Depending on the job in hand, volume of concrete, depth and concentration of re-bar you can select from 3 motor in-head concrete vibrating High Frequency Poker sizes. 31mm, 38mm or 50mm (2" inch).
  • Converter and Poker integrated into a single unit
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Choice of 3 Poker head sizes
  • Electronic input and output protection for better reliability
  • 5 metres of anti-abrasion handling hose
  • Tough aluminium casing for increased site durability
  • 10 metres of heavy duty cable to the converter
Reference Diameter Head Length Frequency Weight
mm V.P.M Kg
94429 35 320 12000 7.7
94420 50 360 12000 8.8
94421 60 355 1200 10.5
High Frequency Electric Pokers The name is slightly misleading as the frequency of vibration is a rather standard 200hz (12000 vibrations per minute).  The “high frequency” part of the name comes from the electric supply given by the convertor.  Regular mains supply of 50/60 hz is converted to 200hz to power an in-head motor. The supply is also stepped down to a safer 42v.  The mains power delivers enough motive force to maintain good amplitudes whilst the motor and vibrator remain synchronised with the 200hz supply. As electric supplies are becoming more common on construction site this type of poker is gaining popularity. They deliver good vibration from a plug in and switch on unit. This on site simplicity and clean running has it’s place on advanced construction sites. Please see the downloads section for our guide on how to use concrete poker vibrators.

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