Fairport – Fresno Finishing Broom

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900 x 180mm Fresno Finishing Broom c/w knuckle and 3 handles.

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Product Details

Fresno Broom Finishing

This tool combines a float / troweling blade with a soft brush so the surface can be floated and then brushed to leave a light textured finish. This brushing should be done at a point in the curing process when the brush doesn’t drag the surface but whilst it is still soft enough for the brush to leave a texture.

These long handled concrete floats tools make the job quick and easy.

  • New improved rivet free Big Blue
  • All with 'knuckle heads', twist to tilt
  • Snap together handles, reach right across the slab
  • Blades machined, superior flatness
  • Magnesium Bull Float - Light extruded alloy blade, early stage floating
  • Big Blue float - Tempered steel blade, will work a slab for longer
Reference Type Width Depth Weight
mm mm Kg
93140  Blue c/w with knuckle and 3 handles 1200 300 11
94181 Fresno Broom c/w knuckle and 3 handles 900 180 9
93142 Magnesium Bull Float c/w knuckle and 3 handles 1200 200 9
93233 Concrete Placer c/w 5ft wooden handle 500 110 1.7
93232 Concrete Rake c/w 5ft wooden handle 500 110 1.7

Please see the downloads section for our guide on how to finish concrete floors.

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