Fairport – Big Blue Trowel

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1200 x 300mm Big Blue Float c/w knuckle and 3 handles.

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Product Details

Big Blue float Finishing

“Big Blue” float is so called because it has a wide tempered steel blade. These are heavier than magnesium bull floats and coupled with the sharper edges they are more aggressive with the concrete surface.  With these it is possible to work the surface from the point where no surface bleed water is showing. First use should be with the blade almost flat to eliminate high spots and fill in depressions. Then as the curing continues the angle (hence pressure) can be increased to consolidate and compact the surface.

After screeding, a new slab can be floated to smooth out surface imperfections or to a light texture.These long handled concrete floats tools make the job quick and easy.

  • New improved rivet free Big Blue
  • All with 'knuckle heads', twist to tilt
  • Snap together handles, reach right across the slab
  • Blades machined, superior flatness
  • Magnesium Bull Float - Light extruded alloy blade, early stage floating
  • Big Blue float - Tempered steel blade, will work a slab for longer
Reference Type Width Depth Weight
mm mm Kg
93140  Blue c/w with knuckle and 3 handles 1200 300 11
94181 Fresno Broom c/w knuckle and 3 handles 900 180 9
93142 Magnesium Bull Float c/w knuckle and 3 handles 1200 200 9
93233 Concrete Placer c/w 5ft wooden handle 500 110 1.7
93232 Concrete Rake c/w 5ft wooden handle 500 110 1.7

Please see the downloads section for our guide on how to finish concrete floors.

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