Fairport – 36 Combi Blade”


£69.99 inc VAT/£58.33 ex VAT

36” Combi Blade for use with PMT36.

Set of 4.

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Product Details

Top specification Trowel Blades for high performance powertrowels. Low bounce, tempered steel edges detailed for the smoothest finishing.

  • Standard fitting to suit most makes of power trowel.
  • For 24" inch 600mm, 36" inch 900mm and 46 / 48" inch 1150 - 1200mm Power trowels
  • Tempered steel to give maximum blade life and astiffness to reduce bounce..
  • Quality rivets keep the spines tight.

Float Pans / Float Discs - Fit under finish blades

Combination Blades - Choose the edge to float or finish

Finish Blades - Two edges for max. life

These blade will fit most makes of Power Floats including the Fairport

Reference Type Use with Length Height Steel Thickness Weight
mm mm mm Kg
F24P Float Pan / Disc 24" 600mm trowels
F24C Combi Blade 24" 600mm trowels
W52098 Float Pan / Disc 36" 900mm trowels 975 dia 1.9
F36F Finishing Blade 36" 900mm trowels 355 150 1.6
F36C Combi Blade 36" 900mm trowels 355 208 1.9 6.5
F46P Float Pan / Disc 46-48" 1150-1200mm trowels
F46C Combi Blade 46-48" 1150-1200mm trowels 455 208 1.9 8.4

Please see the downloads section for our guide on how to use power floats.

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