Clipper – CM42 Compact 16″ Masonry Saw 110v

The CM 42 is a stronger, more reliable, extremely user friendly machine, ideal for the intermittent wet and dry cutting of a wide variety of small masonry materials, concrete products, roof tiles etc, and can be used with 350mm/14” and 400mm/16″ diameter diamond blades.

Tilting table now available for an additional £290.00. Use drop down box to add to order.

Recommended to be used with a transformer 5kVa minimum, and 5mm core connecting cable, maximum 10m long. Using a smaller transformer and/or longer/thinner cable may result in performance issues with the saw.

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Product Details

Supply Voltage/ Power 110V 1~ / 2.2kW (3 Hp)
Fuse/Generator 16A / 6 kVA
Blade x bore Ø 400mm x 25.4mm
Tool speed RPM 2800 min-1
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1187mm x 620mm x 1360mm
Dimensions (folded legs) 1187mm x 620mm x 740mm
Weight 90kg
Tilting table Optional
Max. cutting depth 135mm
Max. cutting length 780mm
Max. material height 200mm
Table size 500mm x 540mm
Hand Arm Vibrations < 2.5 m/s²
Sound power / pressure level 92 dB (A) / 80 dB (A)


Product Video

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