Altrad Belle – PCX 60A Honda Engine – Plate Compactor


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The PCX 60A Multi Purpose Forward Plate Compactor. The ultimate combination of weight, power and versatility enables this Compactor Plate to perform in a multitude of applications to the highest standard.


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Product Details

  • 11kN high performance Vibrator for maximum compaction and excellent travel speeds.
  • Sealed oil filled vibrator with top quality bearings for reliability and durability.
  • Ergonomic operator handle for precise manouverability, includes Pull-Back bar.
  • Thickener Plate in rear of Baseplate for increased durability.
  • Specially engineered Fabricated Baseplate designed to eradicate Track marks on asphalt.
  • Collapsable handle for easy storage and transportation.
  • 3 mount HAV system for reduced HAV levels and improved usage time.
  • Optional Easy-Fit 12-litre Water Tank & Easy-Clean Spraybar system.
  • Durable metallic Water Control Tap for high flow rate.
  • Low HAV handles that still allow precision control.
  • Optional detachable Easy-Fit Wheel Kit.
  • Handle Latch for increased stability whilst operating the Wheel Kit.
Ref Model MotorPower(Hp - kW) PlateSize(mm) StaticPressure(kg/m2) Max.Gradient(°) CentrifugalForce(kN) TravelSpeed(m/min) VibrationLevel(m/sec2) Weight(kg)
PCU02 PCX 60A Honda Petrol 4 - 3 350 x 400 565 20 11 25 4.9*  68.5**

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