Altrad Belle – Maxitile 260 110v – Tile Saw

SKU: 156.9.011

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A rail mounted sliding cutting head enables easy cutting of larger tiles. The tile remains in a fixed position allowing very accurate cuts to be made. The rail tilts to allow bevel cutting of any angle and the head moves to enable plunge cutting. This is a versatile machine giving high productivity and accuracy.

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Product Details

  • Large cutting table allows tile cutting up to 650mm in length.
  • Superb accuracy and design of saw allows for very easy sawing of all tiles and complex cuts.
  • Electric water pump offers superior control and flow of water for dust free suppression and blade cooling.
  • Quick and easy to set up and use.
  • Complete with sturdy folding handles.
  • Easy to clean with removable cutting table.
Ref Model MotorPower(w) BladeSize(mm) Blade IDBore Size(mm) Max. Depthof Cut (mm) Max. Lengthof Cut (mm) TankCapacity(Ltr) Width(mm) Height(mm) Length(mm) Weight(kg)
156.9.010 Maxitile 260 230v 650 200 25.4 40 650 20.5 440 1160 1250 34
156.9.011 Maxitile 260 110v 650 200 25.4 40 650 20.5 440 1160 1250 34

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