Altrad Belle – Gold Hard (GH) 300×20 – Diamond Blade

SKU: GH30020

£71.59 inc VAT/£59.66 ex VAT

The Gold range of 10 – 15mm high segment double laser welded diamond products is a range of high quality blades specifically designed to provide good productivity levels at the lowest possible cost. Blades 300mm and over include 15mm undercut protection-segments.

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Product Details

Gold Hard (GH)
For hard non-abrasive products. Very hard concrete, class A engineering bricks, 65-100 Newton clay paviors, hard flint aggregate concretes. Reinforced concrete lintels, kerbs and hard paving slabs. Hard clay roof tiles, hard slate.

Part Number Size
Segment Height
GH30020 300 x 20 6360 15
GH35025 350 x 25 5450 15
GH45025 450 x 25 3395 15

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