Altrad Belle – Bronze General Masonry (BGP) 230×22 – Diamond Blade

SKU: BGP23022

£18.49 inc VAT/£15.41 ex VAT

The ALTRAD Belle Bronze range of 10mm high diamond blades has a high diamond concentration and are for use by the general building trades that want a blade with the correct performance/cost ratio that surpasses other blades in this price range.

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Product Details

Bronze General Masonry (BGP)

For extensive use on a wide range of products including most medium aggregate concretes, general masonry products and building media, stock paving bricks, most roofing tiles and hard sandstones.

Part Number Size
Segment Height
BGP23022 230 x 22 6650 10
BGP30020 300 x 20 6360 10

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