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  • JCB - Hydraulic Trash Pump
    JCB - Hydraulic Trash Pump

    Rugged durable range of submersible trash pumps used for pumping water...

    £ 1,889.99
  • JCB - Hydraulic Sub Pump
    JCB - Hydraulic Sub Pump

    JCB offer self priming pumps with high power-to-weight ratio. Being...

    £ 754.99
  • JCB - T-Pick
    JCB - T-Pick

    Small lightweight hammer designed for light to medium-duty breaking.

    £ 1,479.99
  • JCB - D-Pick
    JCB - D-Pick

    Light demolition and construction applications. Ideal for trenching,...

    £ 1,549.99
  • JCB - HM25LV Breaker
    JCB - HM25LV Breaker

    The HM25LV breaker when used with the Beaver Powerpack gives the...

    £ 1,479.99

Smoke & Heat Detectors There are 3 products.

  • £ 4.99 VAT incl.
    £ 4.16 VAT excl.

    This best selling battery operated smoke alarm is an affordable product making it commonly used in domestic environments and caravans etc. It utilises ionisation technology to detect smoke from a fire. The battery operation makes them very easy to install.

    £ 4.99 VAT incl.
    £ 4.16 VAT excl.
  • £ 16.49 VAT incl.
    £ 13.74 VAT excl.

    This smoke alarm has a sealed-in long life battery which has a 10 year guarantee. This provides great savings in maintenance costs for public buildings and schools. It is also a great option for buildings with high ceilings where replacing the battery is difficult due to ceiling height.

    £ 16.49 VAT incl.
    £ 13.74 VAT excl.
  • £ 13.09 VAT incl.
    £ 10.91 VAT excl.

    This battery smoke alarm utilises ionisation technology and also incorporates a light which activates when the alarm sounds. This makes it a common option for hotels, social housing, schools etc as it provides illumination to exit areas in the event of a fire.

    £ 13.09 VAT incl.
    £ 10.91 VAT excl.
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