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New products

  • JCB - Hydraulic Trash Pump
    JCB - Hydraulic Trash Pump

    Rugged durable range of submersible trash pumps used for pumping water...

    £ 1,889.99
  • JCB - Hydraulic Sub Pump
    JCB - Hydraulic Sub Pump

    JCB offer self priming pumps with high power-to-weight ratio. Being...

    £ 754.99
  • JCB - T-Pick
    JCB - T-Pick

    Small lightweight hammer designed for light to medium-duty breaking.

    £ 1,479.99
  • JCB - D-Pick
    JCB - D-Pick

    Light demolition and construction applications. Ideal for trenching,...

    £ 1,549.99
  • JCB - HM25LV Breaker
    JCB - HM25LV Breaker

    The HM25LV breaker when used with the Beaver Powerpack gives the...

    £ 1,479.99


Blowers & Sweepers 


  • Battery Powered
    Our range of battery powered blowers and sweepers.
  • 230v
    Our range of 230v blowers and sweepers.
  • Petrol
    Our range of petrol blowers and sweepers.
  • Manual
    Our range of manual sweepers.
  • Accessories
    Our range of accessories for blowers and sweepers.
  • Batteries & Chargers
    Our range of batteries and chargers for battery powered blowers and sweepers.