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Hotline Super Hawk Maximize

Hotline Super Hawk

The 9v Hotline P300 Super Hawk battery powered energiser is designed for fencing strip grazing for cattle and paddock fencing for horses. The Super Hawk is also suitable for use with 3 or 4 rolls of electrified sheep netting. 


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£ 121.19

The Hotline P300 Super Hawk uses a 9v (8.4v) 90 amp/hour disposable battery (Product Code P32) which lasts approximately 5 months on 'high' output and 6 months on 'low' output when used 24 hours a day. 

An independent earth stake (ES2), rather than the supporting metal feet, will be required with this unit.We cannot stress enough the importance of earthing your system. Earthing is critical to the effective operation of all electric fencing systems.

Main Features:

  • Uses a 9 volt 135 amp/hr air alkaline battery.
  • Has a Hi/Lo switch to conserve battery life.
  • Approximately 5 months use on Hi & 6 months use on Lo setting, 24 hours a day with the 135a/hr battery.
  • Ultra Bright LED indicator.
  • Fence & Ground connectors complete with crocodile clips.
  • Suitable for horses in small paddocks & strip grazing.
  • Ideal for up to 1.5km of fencing.